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Improving economy calls for change in monetary policy

By Murrel Bland As economic times continue to improve, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System will be increasing interest rates and selling securities that it purchased during the recent recession. That was the message that Esther George delivered when she spoke to the Congressional Forum at a luncheon of the Congressional Forum [...]

Kansas National Guard has long history in state

By Murrel Bland The Kansas National Guard can trace its roots back to about 1855 when the militia was representing free state advocates. During the Civil War, which lasted from 1861 until 1865, about 4,000 of these Kansas soldiers served with union forces. Since then, National Guard personnel, including those from Kansas, have been represented [...]

Chamber of Commerce focuses on immigration issue

By Murrel Bland Monsignor Stuart Swetland was a Rhodes Scholar who studied economics at Oxford University in England during the 1980s. However, when commenting about immigration reform at a recent Legislative Committee meeting at the Kansas City, Kansas, Area Chamber of Commerce, he said he depends on his compassionate views as a Roman Catholic clergyman [...]

Consolidated government marks 20 years

By Murrel Bland The Unified Government recently celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the merger of city and county governments in Wyandotte County. A group of Unified Government officials along with community leaders marked the occasion with a dinner at the recently remodeled Memorial Hall. It was a “feel-good event” celebrating the merger and the accomplishments [...]

Proposed new Airport Terminal

By Murrel Bland In the 1950s, it became obvious that as air travel continued to grow, Municipal Airport in Kansas City, Mo., would soon outgrow its space. One of the proposed solutions was to combine Municipal with the nearby Fairfax Airport across the Missouri River. The opportunity was there to create a bi-city airport authority [...]

Development along Turner Diagonal

When a commercial real estate agent first approached Brent Miles of Northpoint Development about selling a tract of about 125 acres along the Turner Diagonal corridor, the answer was a flat no. Miles told that story Wednesday, Sept. 20 at the annual membership meeting of Business West at the Mary Ann Flunder Lodge by the [...]

Editor wants to connect with community

By Murrel Bland Colleen McCain Nelson said she came back to the Midwest because she missed the connection with the community. Nelson, who recently was named a vice president and the editorial page editor for The Kansas City Star, spoke at the monthly luncheon meeting of the Congressional Forum last Friday, Aug. 18 at Children’s [...]

Successful business needs vision, systems

To be a successful business, it is important to have a vision and build systems. That was the message of Aaron Brauch, a Lenexa business owner who was the keynote speaker at an all-day workshop Friday, Aug. 11 at Kansas City, Kansas, Community College. The 50 or so persons attending the workshop included those wanting [...]

County Administrator to present 2018 budget

County Administrator Doug Bach will present the proposed 2018 Unified Government budget when the Unified Commission meets at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 6 in the Commission Chamber at City Hall. Bach, who spoke at a membership meeting of Business West Wednesday, June 28 didn’t reveal what the dollar amount of the budget might be. However, [...]

District Attorney’s job more than prosecution

By Murrel Bland It is important that the Wyandotte County District Attorney be proactive and also focus on crime prevention. That was the message from Mark Dupree who became the Wyandotte County District Attorney Jan. 9 earlier this year. He defeated the Democrat incumbent Jerry Gorman last August after a spirited election contest. Dupree spoke [...]

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